The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident
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The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident

I was recently involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, since it was my first accident, I was scatter-brained and anxious. What I did not realize at the time was that the actions you take immediately after the accident can affect a personal injury case and the outcome of that case. I wanted to find a way to share my experiences and mistakes with other. Since the Internet is so popular, I figured this would be a great way to do so. While you likely aren't planning on being in an accident soon, if you are, hopefully you remember some of the tips I share on this website.

The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident

Essential Qualities Of A Good Divorce Lawyer

Yvonne Russell

Divorce can be very stressful, especially if you and your spouse cannot agree on divorce terms. Therefore, most people opt to hire divorce attorneys to represent their interests in the divorce proceedings. However, not all divorce lawyers will suit your needs. Thus, you should select a lawyer that understands your case and expectations regarding the divorce proceedings. Here are factors you should consider in the evaluation of their character and abilities:

All-Round Qualifications

Law is an expansive field of study; therefore, you should confirm a lawyer's area of specialty to ensure they are conversant with divorce law. In addition, confirm they can practice in your state. A divorce lawyer should also be a good researcher who can utilize findings to formulate a plan of action and counteractions to achieve the desired court ruling. A reasonable divorce attorney is also adept at collaboration with other professionals, like accountants, who can expertly value your assets and help you by providing testimony in your divorce case.

Self-Assurance in their Craft

When locked in a heated divorce, you require an assertive and straightforward person who will vigorously defend your position. Such a divorce attorney will not be easily intimidated by your spouse's lawyer. That means they will only cede ground during divorce negations when it works in your favor. Divorce lawyers also speak with conviction in a courtroom setting. Thus, they may influence a judge to rule in your favor in situations like child custody hearings, child support requests, alimony requests, or the division of assets. Thus, poise is a critical characteristic in a lawyer since it also contributes to their communication skills and resoluteness to get the best deal.

Compliance with Ethical and Professional Standards

A good divorce lawyer has limits to what they are willing to do to guarantee your divorce settlement is fair. Lawyers are not comfortable straddling the line between legal grey areas and the illegal since it might jeopardize the entire process. Divorce attorneys also advise their clients against using underhanded tactics to get what they want in the divorce settlement. Sometimes, people blackmail their spouses with issues such as publishing confidential photos and messages to coerce them to cede to their requests. However, such tactics could jeopardize the entire case, including the afflicted spouse filing criminal charges.

Moreover, divorce attorneys avoid tainting your spouse's reputation, especially if you plan to share child custody after the divorce to guarantee a smooth co-parenting relationship. Divorce lawyers present genuine case facts to avoid getting your hopes up and offer sound advice even when you expect it differently. Lastly, they show dedication to their clients' cases by being available whenever needed. To learn more information, go to sites like