The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident
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The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident

I was recently involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, since it was my first accident, I was scatter-brained and anxious. What I did not realize at the time was that the actions you take immediately after the accident can affect a personal injury case and the outcome of that case. I wanted to find a way to share my experiences and mistakes with other. Since the Internet is so popular, I figured this would be a great way to do so. While you likely aren't planning on being in an accident soon, if you are, hopefully you remember some of the tips I share on this website.

The Do's and Don'ts After a Car Accident

Urgent Care Vs. The E.R.: Which Will Better Help Your Case?

Yvonne Russell

You should always go to the emergency room for treatment when you are facing a life-threatening injury. Even if you are not in pain, you must seek treatment so that you can identify any injuries that may not produce symptoms of pain — and you will also need records that you received medical treatment. However, you will also want to carefully choose whether you will go to an emergency room or urgent care.

When Your Injuries Are Life-Threatening

If you are suffering from injuries that are life-threatening, you should travel to an emergency room. Also, if you are suffering from broken bones or uncontrolled bleeding, you should go to an emergency room. If you visit an emergency room and you are not suffering from a life-threatening injury, you will be considered a lower-priority patient, and other patients will be more likely to receive care.

When You Need Faster Care

Urgent care can provide very fast care. In some cases, you only have to wait 15 minutes. For this reason, you might be better off if you do not have the type of injuries that would lead to you receiving more prompt care. 

After suffering from an injury, you might decide to avoid medical care as a way to avoid expenses. However, the cost of untreated medical problems is much greater than the initial cost of heading to an emergency room. Another reason you shouldn't worry as much about medical costs is that you can save money by going to urgent care over visiting the emergency room.

Obtaining the Records You Need

There are many records you will want to keep that will help you with your personal injury case. Doctors will keep detailed reports and records regarding your injuries. These records are considered credible forms of evidence that you have suffered an injury. Any statements that you make while receiving care will be reflected in the records. In addition to gaining access to the records that your doctor keeps so you can use them in your case, you should also follow all instructions from your doctor, such as visiting a physical therapist.

You will likely be recommended a plan of treatment that involves physical therapy. If you are working with a personal injury lawyer, like those at Steele Law Offices, LLC, he or she will be able to obtain your physical therapy records. These can be used as evidence to support your case. Because of all the benefits of visiting an emergency room or urgent care, you should choose one after you are injured.